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WFAE and public radio stations around the country are exploring what keeps people in place and what motivates them to move, and we want your input.

Here’s how it works: Post a photo on Instagram of something that makes you stay (or go) along with a caption explaining it and the hashtag #WhyIStay, and your photo may be featured on, our Instagram, and other member station sites. Find out more at

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"We walk much slower when handling a cell phone (even moreso while texting than reading), and we’re not very good at sticking to a straight line. Not surprisingly, we tend to keep our heads down, our necks immobile, and our arms locked at our sides. We don’t swing our arms, which can be a crucial part of staying balanced while moving."

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Little did we know until years later, that every single conference call we had, every single telephone conversation related to the march and other matters, was wiretapped and the contents transcribed by the FBI. So while we would be having so-called confidential conference calls, there was another party that was also a part of everything we did. The contents were wire recorded, transcribed and written into a daily running transcript.
Clarence B. Jones: A Guiding Hand Behind ‘I Have A Dream’ (via npr)

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